Friday, October 28, 2011

Eyes and Edges

'Woman at the Well'

When we first started to collect daylilies we didn't include many of those with
edges and eyes.

'Crazy Ivan

As the collection grew we started to add more with this characteristic.

'American Icon'

These bloomed in my garden this summer, for some it was their first year here.

'Loafin in Lahani'

I have really enjoyed the striking contrast of these eyes and edges.

Jackie Kropf
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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Roses to Enjoy

We are having such lovely fall weather. It has been wonderful working outside this weekend. The roses are still blooming but the corn has been harvested this week and there were light frosts last weekend.

I love these full open blooms of the English roses...

and I am glad there there are still a few more to open...

Each new bud now is a real joy to see knowing that there may be only a few more.

The yellow knockout roses have been really pretty the last couple of weeks. I planted daffodils in a bed near them yesterday and their scent made the job more enjoyable.

We planted about 350 daffodils yesterday, and that job in itself and the leaves that are starting to fall are reminders that I need to get busy and use any of the nice days that I have. I still have several jobs to finish before this garden season ends.