Saturday, January 28, 2012

Miniature Daylilies

H. Baby Jessie (Eller-N  2005)

We attended the annual Mid Winter Symposium in Nashville last week. One of the sessions that I really enjoyed focused on the miniature and small daylilies. I checked my database and found that I grow only 16 of the miniature daylilies. When I checked for pictures, I found only one. I will have to remedy that when this bloom season starts.
 According to the information in the AHS database this cultivar was registered at 18" high with a bloom size of 2.75" and that it doubles 80% of the time.
There were so many beautiful ones shown at the meeting that I will be looking for a few more of these to add to the garden especially some of the ones with eyes that are a shade of blue.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Beautiful Orchids

While visiting the Marie Selby Botanic Gardens we enjoyed the orchids in the conservatory.

There were several in bloom on the day we visited .

I wish that I had spent more time in the conservatory but there was so much too see in this garden.

Phalaenopsis -Moth Orchid

One of the orchids that my husband has brought home for me. I love how long they bloom. Sometimes I am lucky enough to get them to re bloom. One of them is setting buds now and I will share a picture of it when it  blooms.