Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Eary Morning Stroll

Each summer we look forward to the time that the daylilies begin to reach peak bloom. I don't think we are quite there but we are very very close. The beds are loaded with blooms. It is wonderful to just walk through the beds early each day to see what is blooming.
It is always a joy to see the first blooms of a new addition to the garden. Often we purchase based on photos we have seen, sometimes it is after seeing the plant in another garden. But you are never sure if it will be exactly the same in the conditions that exist in your garden. Below are the first blooms on No Boys Allowed and I could not be more pleased with this one.
H. No Boys Allowed
H. Intelligent Design
'Intelligent Design is in its second bloom season here and the blooms are better than they were last year. With the ample moisture and cooler temperatures there are so many more buds than last year.
H. Bark At Me
I always enjoy seeing the unusual forms bloom. I love the long petals that twist and curl. 'Bark At Me' is an older daylily with a 7.5" bloom.
H. White Chocolate
Another fairly new addition to the garden, 'White Choclate' was also catching my attention this morning. It's a 7" white flower with a green throat also classified as an unusual form. It is loaded with buds so I will get to enjoy it for quite a while.
I finish my stroll with a look at a newer bed of daylilies. This bed was created in the fall of  2011 as I divided older clumps of daylilies from another part of the garden. As I find companion plants that do well planted with daylilies I will be adding them to the beds. We added a phlox, a few lily bulbs and verbena to this bed. The verbena reseeds and I let a lot of it bloom where it wants.
Hope you have time to stroll through the garden and enjoy the blooms.
Sue Ellen

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  1. Lovely lilies! Makes me wish I had more. I think Verbena bonariensis is a fabulous companion for so many plants and it compliments your lilies so well.