Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Clematis for Fall

Clematis terniflora
The sweet autumn clematis has begun to flower. This is a very vigorous vine which I originally purchased for  covering an arbor. I wasn't pleased with the result and removed it. Although I liked the fragrance and the small white flowers it was simply too large for the space.  The following spring I was surprised to find a few seedlings. I pulled most of them and move a couple to a fence that was surrounding a work area close to the house.
It has completely covered the fence from the gate all the way back to the tool shed. The whole length of this fence will be a solid mass of white blooms over the next several weeks. It is certainly a nicer view of that area in front of the tool shed. Another plus for this plant is that it is deer resistant.  However this plant is considered invasive in states that are to the south so I will still exercise caution watching for seedlings. So far I have not had any seedlings to come up in other areas.


  1. I've often seen this plant for sale in catalogs, and it looks so beautiful. Your photos of it are lovely, too. I have wondered just how large this vine gets - you say it was too large for your arbor! Good to know about the seedlings, too. I bet it would be a bit invasive here. But it's pretty! I bet it is gorgeous covering your fence.

    1. You might have trouble with it where you live. It does get quite large. The photo is of just one plant placed midway in that fence line.